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“I have a very competitive attitude to life, so setting goals and achieving them is something that really motives me. Although, often the hardest thing I find is clocking a solid 8 hours sleep…”

LifeLog Screenshot - Camera AlbumFirst, travel writer / digital hiker Paul Steel, also known as The Bald Hiker, put Xperia Z1 Compact through its paces, now it’s time to see how he fared out and about, logging his time in the great outdoors with another waterproof travel companion, Smartband SWR10 and Lifelog.

Paul tested Smartband whilst hiking across the UK, and was most impressed by the way it performed above and beyond step tracking; “The fitness tracker element is cool, but what‘s striking is the way Lifelog captured what it was like to be there; the essence of the moment. Perhaps that’s a hiking thing. Sure you’re staying fit (and toasting a calorie or two) but it’s the journey that makes a trip; the things you get to experience, see and discover.

The way Smartband and Lifelog work together to diarise the song you listened to, the app you used, the picture you took – and where you were, is great for that. I used it a lot to organise my photos. I snap a lot of pictures so using the Lifelog app as a guide to where and when I took them was a killer for me.

At the end of the day being able to play them back through Lifelog’s journey view really helped me to remember the hike (which is great if your job is to write about hiking!) The final thing to mention, and the one that really surprised me was just how much I was able to step back and let it get on with it.

Apart from taking photos my phone pretty much stayed in my pocket, without those extra distractions I was able to just relax and enjoy my day out.”

Paul will continue to post updates on how he’s getting on with his Xperia Z2 and Sony smartwatch 2, and he’s always sharing some of his stunning photography on Twitter, so check him out!


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