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For the second installment of our ‘App of the month’ series, we would like to introduce you to Jink.

Jink is an easy location-sharing app with a twist. It combines simple location-sharing with messaging to make it easier for you to meet up with friends.  Jink has been designed to help you track down your friend in a city you may not be familiar with – perfect for those informal city meetings, after work drinks or, if you’re lucky, first dates!

Unlike its competitors, Jink does not require any form of sign up. Your phone number acts as your Jink ID, which makes sharing your location and inviting friends to do the same, as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Jink values your privacy, ensuring you can only invite someone to “Jink” with you if you have their mobile number – you choose who to share your location with.

Jink Screen 2

Like most location-based apps, Jink uses GPS signals to determine your location. You are then able to view a map featuring icons of yourself and your fellow Jink user that moves in real time with you. Once you have successfully found your target, or if you are inactive for over two hours, the location-sharing feature automatically ends, making Jink extremely battery-efficient.

Jink’s messaging feature enables you to chat while on the move, without having to switch back and forth from messages to the app. Unlike Apple’s Find My Friend and Android’s Google Latitude, Jink works across both iOS and Android platforms allowing seamless communication between both devices.

But it’s the clear and easy-to-use interface that we like most about this app. Your location, meeting place and contact are displayed clearly and intuitively, so you can download this app and get up to speed in no time.

Although currently in its Beta phase, we tested Jink on Xperia Z2 over a number of days and it worked perfectly.

Jink is available now in selected markets from Google play.