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Every year, the council in the Spanish town of Buñol dumps 125 tons of tomatoes out of the back of a Lorry into the main square. What ensues is the world’s biggest food fight. Around 22,000 people descended on the town this year, one of whom was world renowned photographer and former Sony World Photography Award winner Myriam Meloni, who, armed with just an Xperia Z2 was given the challenge of documenting the festival in all its chaotic glory.

“It was a really tough environment to photograph. I’m used to being able to take my time and think about the shots but there was no real room to do that here. Luckily using the smartphone meant that I didn’t have to worry too much about that. I could keep my head up, dodge at least some of the Tomatoes and keep looking for the right moment to take a shot.

“Capturing the essence of Tomatina was the easy bit. The whole fiesta is like one giant, hour-long regression into childhood, so the task was to find those childish moments and capturing them.

“The Xperia was great to use – the camera apps make it really flexible – I used Timeshift burst and Timeshift video extensively – and switching between them was really intuitive and easy, a fact that was made all the more important by my surroundings.” – Myriam Meloni.

Myriam shot some incredible pictures during the day and you can find a gallery of them below. Enjoy.