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Whilst we put some pretty neat features into Xperia Z3, and the Z3 series (if we say so ourselves), we didn’t exactly tell you *everything* last week – so here’s some of the stuff we saved…

Contactless payments

We were NFC before it was cool – and we now proudly have a portfolio of 160+ Near Field Communications enabled devices. But most importantly, this means that you’ve been able to use your Xperia smartphone as a payment, transportation or access card (pending region, operator and service) easily with a simple touch since way back in 2012… starting with Xperia S.

Automatically optimise audio settings for Sony headphones

Ever noticed different headphones sound… different? Whilst an Xperia Z3 Series device will recognise the Sony headset you’re using, we’ve given you the option to specifically select that Sony headset, and enjoy your tunes optimised for that device – just hit “Settings – Sound – Audio Settings – Headphones”, for the best possible quality.

Pause when capturing video

Check out the new pause button when recording video – it allows you to “pause” instead of hitting “stop” when you know the moment isn’t quite right. To shoot the next clip, just un-pause, rinse and repeat until you have your masterpiece. All the clips you recorded will be kept back-to-back in the same file.

Record what you’re doing on-screen

Surrrre, you’ve been able to screenshot your Android since the dawn of, well, Android. In the Xperia Z3 series we’ve gone one step further and introduced a feature that lets you record a video of what you’re doing on-screen. You start it in the same way you’d normally grab a screenshot –  give the power button a long press, select “Record  Screen” and the phone will start recording whatever you might be doing. Perfect for showing off a certain feature, capturing a top score, gaming…

Xperia-Z3-and-Z3-CompactQuicker settings

Let’s be honest – settings aren’t sexy. So, we’re constantly trying to make them easier and less time consuming, so you can spend more time on the fun stuff. The latest version within the Z3 Series allows you to personalise faster than ever – access them quickly with just a two-finger swipe down, drag and drop the settings you want directly into the tray, and long press each setting to load into the full Settings app. 

Last for around two weeks on a single charge

We told you Xperia Z3 will last up to two days on a single charge. Oh – *and then turn on* Battery STAMINA Mode to last even longer…

AND THEN activate Ultra STAMINA Mode (limiting a number of phone functions), giving you even more prolonged usage – based on a full charge, we estimate Xperia Z3 to last more than a week in standby when in Ultra STAMINA Mode.

Rotate the screen based on how you hold the device

Sounds like nothing new? Smart screen rotation automatically determines when the screen should be rotated according to the way you hold the device. So, it prevents unwanted rotation, such as when you lie down on the sofa to browse the web…

More with gestures

Double tap screen to wake features again, as does Smart call handling – turn your Xperia Z3 or Xperia Z3 Compact on its face to silence an incoming call or bring it up to your ear to answer. And, Smart backlight control keeps the screen on when you are holding your Xperia in your hand; it will stay lit when you are looking at a photo without touching the screen. When you are not holding the device, the screen turns off (according to your sleep setting).

Unlock with smartwear

Strapped up with one of our smartwear products? Your Z3 Series (or any Android  device running 5.0, Lollipop) will now unlock when smartband Talk or smartwatch 3 is in close proximity. And, not only that, this will also work with selected Bluetooth accessories and headsets… simply tap “Settings – Security – Trust Agents – Activate Smart Lock”, and then go back to “Security” and choose “Smart Lock”. There you can add both Bluetooth and NFC devices – and use them to unlock your smartphone or tablet when the accessory is nearby… useful!