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It’s been a busy few days for the tech industry and amongst all the noise there may have been a few announcements you missed. Don’t worry though – at least from a Sony perspective, here’s a recap.

Sony’s Life Space UX room at IFA showcased products designed to make our everyday lives simpler and easier than ever before. First up in here was our 4K Ultra Shot Short Throw Projector. Not only can it project your favourite movies, TV shows and games in high resolution, it goes up to a massive 147 inches on any wall in your house (best if it’s white). Its sleek and understated design will fit seamlessly into any part of your home.

We also gave you a look at our Portable Ultra Throw Projector – it’s perfect for catching up on your favourite shows when relaxing in the bath or cooking in the kitchen.Light bulb speaker

We also got involved with new concept technology – for example, this LED Bulb Speaker with
built in wireless connectivity. It’s a light bulb with speakers built in that turns your whole home into a musical experience. It’s totally flexible and will wirelessly connect to your smartphone so that each room can play different music. For even more Life Space UX products that you may have missed at IFA, you can check them out here.

The concepts weren’t restricted to the home either, as this Xperia mountain bike proved. It’s an electric mountain bike with different speed settings to help with the tough climbs, and it’s also fitted out with a cradle for your Xperia Z3, two of Sony’s Action Cam camcorders, and a set of handlebar-mounted speakers to make sure you have plenty of motivational music to drive you onwards and upwards.

Xperia Z3 wasn’t our only Hi-Res audio offering this year as the brand new Walkman® NWZ-A17  also made its debut. Designed to play your music all day long with a 50 hour battery life, it’ll get you through a working week or if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to the other side of the world you’re covered – it’ll last the whole journey.  Talking of Hi-Res Audio, we’ve also launched our completely redesigned MDR1 Hi-Res Audio headphones to go along with the new audio power-houses. We caught up on this and more with Yusuke Tashiro, Sony Mobile’s chief audio guru and we’ll be posting that interview in the next few days, stay tuned for more.

That’s pretty much it – Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwear, Lens Cameras, Bikes, Bulbs and loads more. We had a great time at IFA, and hope you enjoyed what we had to offer. Have a great weekend.