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    It’s been a week with tons going on behind-the-scenes here, and it’s great to see the results of all that as it comes to fruition.

    First up, our (internal) testing teams have been beavering away in the background putting Xperia E3 through its paces again and again. The result of all that is that we’re now extremely pleased to say that Xperia E3 matches the same two day battery life standards that we apply to our Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact.

    You may remember that last week we shared a really stunning advert from the guys behind Sony’s latest 4K Ultra HD TVs. Well talking about behind-the-scenes action, that same team has released a couple of videos showing how they captured the footage -if you liked the last one, you’ll love this one so check it out below. And, it’s not just the consumer electronics guys who are getting in on the behind-the-scenes theme as our friends over at Sony Music Entertainment have also released this behind-the-scenes footage from Jennifer Hudson’s new music video.

    Finally, if you thought the 4K film was stunning, then you should definitely check this out. Our friends at the Sony World Photography Awards have opened the entries for the 2015 National Awards, so before you clock off for the weekend follow the link to see some of the most incredible photography from around the world. Enjoy.