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It’s been an exciting week here at Sony, one filled with a number of innovative accomplishments including disobeying the laws of physics, creating a new music track in just 48 hours and releasing a host of new technologies all around the world. Oh, and that’s not even taking into account our Android L announcement.

This week, Sony Mobile joined forces with Samantha Jade and emerging songwriter Zac Poor to develop and record a brand new summer song called ‘Always and Forever’. What made this track particularly special? Well, Samantha and team were tasked with writing, singing and producing the whole thing in just 48 hours, racing against the countdown clock of an Xperia Z3. Check out the video below…

Like Samantha, our latest flagship device was really put through its paces over the two-day period, making and receiving calls, recording sound bytes, sharing recordings and images with friends on social media, as well as capturing photos and videos of all the action behind the scenes. Amazingly, at the end of the task proving just how durable the Z3 really is, the battery charge stood strong at 22%.


From songs to science now, as researchers at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory and University of Tokyo have announced they are working on a seemingly impossible sports ball that hovers. HoverBall is a 90-millimeter-wide quad copter designed to hang in the air, change location and modify its behaviour during play.  It’s set to change the dynamics within sport and introduce new levels of spontaneity to many games. So think Harry Potter’s Quidditch snitch, but with a couple of little propellers.

HoverBall is a long way from the playing fields, but we’ve got plenty of technological devices to tide you over in the meantime starting with the US release of PlayStation TV. PlayStation TV allows owners to stream a wide range of PlayStation 4 games via RemotePlay and provides access to 100s of movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store.

Not to leave other international corners of the world out, we’ve also unveiled our new PS4 eSports league in Spain. The service kicked off on October 16th and is a platform for both casual and expert gamers that links to your PlayStation account.

That’s all the latest news from us, enjoy your weekend!