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At the end of last year, when Sony first announced the new Info-eye™ Xperia camera application, we said that it was part of a drive within our software teams to re-imagine the role of the camera in a smartphone.  With our smart social camera, we’re showing that a camera could be used for far more than just taking pictures and, as the team behind Info-eye rolls out its latest collaboration, we’re continuing to show how we intend to deliver on that vision.

infoeye_linkedin_in-copyThe latest collaboration, leveraging LinkedIn technology, turns your smartphone camera into a business networking hub. How? Using the latest version of Info-eye, users can simply snap a picture of a business card and the app will then scan the card, search LinkedIn for matches and allow you to connect with the card’s owner there and then, preventing yours from being one of the 88% of all business cards that are thrown out within a week of being handed over.

Delivering the app was not without its challenges, according to Sato Takashi, a key member of the Info-eye team. “The inherent difficulties in matching up different fonts, different fields and then integrating all that into a reliable LinkedIn search posed a huge challenge but we’re really happy with the result.

“For me, they key thing is the immediacy of the contact. As soon as you have someone’s card you can connect with them, whilst you’re still fresh in their mind. It’s a powerful integration.”

LinkedIn is a great example of exactly what we want to achieve with Info-eye, making it the smart “eye” in your phone. So, what’s next? We announced back at IFA that we’d be rolling out food recognition later in the year, and that’s still on course, but stay tuned as we have many more exciting developments coming.