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We’ve been up in the air this week at Sony, literally.

Sticking cameras on animals is a growing internet phenomenon. With that in mind, the creative guys in Sony’s Action Cam team decided to take things to new heights, in an exciting World first. They teamed up with French charity FREEDOM and set a beautiful white-tailed eagle free over Paris with Sony’s HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini attached to its back. The bird soared from the top of the Eiffel Tower, over the river Seine and into the Trocadero Gardens, where its handler Jacques Olivier Travers stood in wait.

FREEDOM along with Jacques Travers are aiming to reintroduce the White-Tailed Eagle back into its natural habitat in the French and Swiss Alps, where it has been extinct for more than 50 years.

The spectacular flight not only captured breathtaking Parisian footage, but also introduces the support Sony is offering to the conservation effort. Sony is providing a collection of Action Cam camcorders to film the bird’s behaviour to help their re-introduction in to the wild and aid future research, a cause we’re delighted to be a part of.

From little cameras on eagles to bigger cameras on cars; Sony has showcased new technological advances for the automotive industry this week, by announcing the commercialization of the IMX224MQV CMOS image sensor, boasting the world’s highest sensitivity levels of any image sensor of its kind. The technology is capable of capturing high-resolution colour images even in light conditions and is a critically important element in the development of automotive cameras. This progress is just the beginning of Sony’s pioneering journey to expand its reach beyond the realm of digital imagery devices and into the area of ‘sensing’ as well.

Speaking of expanding our reach we’re excited to share the fantastic success of PlayStation Store. September 2014 was announced as the biggest month in the store’s history with revenues soaring up nearly 90% when compared to the previous year. These sky-high records were led by the launch of Destiny from Activision and Bungie, which together broke PlayStation Network record sales across several categories.


In more PlayStation news, we’ve recently launched a special Xperia Theme from PlayStation’s exclusive gaming series LittleBigPlanet, available on the Google Play Store right now.

And finally, one last reminder before we let you enjoy your weekend our new SmartWear, SmartWatch3 is available for pre-order at Verizon Wireless, coming soon on Google Play and rolling out from the end of the month*.

Happy Friday!

*Timings & availability will vary by market/operator, and some regional operator & market exceptions will apply – please check in locally for the latest information