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Have you ever left the house and realised, just as you’ve got to the bus stop, that you should probably have brought an umbrella?

Cloakroom SquareAt one point or another we’ve all been caught brolly-less in the rain, sunglass-free in the sun, or wellington boot-shy in a puddle. Well, we may have found the solution to these weather woes with the latest instalment in our ‘app of the month’ series – Cloakroom.

Cloakroom is an indy project from XDA member, James Cleary. It’s an easy-to-use and interactive weather app that uses geo-location and local weather forecasts to suggest what essential items, like raincoats, flip-flops, wellington boots, sunglasses or sun cream, you should take with you before venturing outside.

What if you’re not a flip-flop sort of guy, or if you just look funny in woolly hat? Fear not, with Cloakroom you can customise the suggested essentials, hiding those that might not suite your taste.

“It was a simple idea really” says Cleary, “We wanted to just display this useful information in a clear, concise way, optimised for mobile devices for when you’re on the move”.

It may have just launched back in August but we think Cloakroom is an app to watch out for. Although Cloakroom is available to download at Google Play store globally, the app is only available in English at this stage, but there are plans to replicate the app in other languages.