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IFTTT Logo Image

Digitally unorganised? There’s an app for that! Well quite a few actually…In this day n’ age, there is quite literally an app available for anything and everything…

December’s app of the month, IFTTT, helps you bring the anything and the everything together; creating powerful connections to help streamline some of experiences you know and love, with one simple statement – If This Then That,

IFTTT (If this then that) has grown from a cult web app to an interconnected powerhouse that’s getting bigger and bigger thanks, at least partly, to some of its latest mobile and wearable integrations. It works by connecting apps, web services, programs and gadgets together with a series of “Recipes” all using the simple of logic of: if this happens in app X, (they call this the trigger) – then that will happen in app Y (they call this the action). For example, “if I like a track on Soundcloud”, (trigger) then download it to my DropBox (action).

All you have to do is set a simple series of rules or use the premade Recipes to change how each of your tools interact.

IFTTT connects over 150+ apps and services, hosting nearly 15,000 pages of user created Recipes, meaning the possibilities are almost endless – Don’t have time to post a ‘Happy New Year’ status or message? Post a pre-arranged synced status. Want to get out of an overrunning meeting? Text IFTTT to fake an urgent phone call. Lost your phone? Set an email alert that will automatically call you once sent!

It’s an efficiency machine that offers countless methods of cross platform programming to make your social presence, and life, that bit easier.

Why not try for yourselves and see just how to put the internet to work for you – It’s available for download now on the Google Play store.

Check out some of our favourite IFTTT recipes below…

IFTTT Recipe: Rain tomorrow? Get an Android Notification connects weather to android-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: If I miss a call from someone, add an event to my calendar to return the call tonight connects android-phone-call to google-calendar

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my ringer at bedtime connects date-time to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my Android device when I get to the office & turn on vibrate connects android-location to android-device