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What a week. Another year has passed and so too has another great CES, with a host of our new and exciting technologies on show.

We kicked the week off with our very own Sony press conference (check it out below if you missed it), introducing the world to our “sexy” new smartwatch 3 stainless steel, offering a “premium” look and feel to what many are now calling “one of the best-looking Android Wear watches around.”

But that wasn’t all; we also shared updates on our original smartband, showcasing a variety of  custom designs including limited editions by fashion houses Jack Vartanian, ALTEWAISAOME and Ted Baker.

You may have spotted the SmartEyeGlass Attach! and Smart B-Trainer concepts, two next-generation wearable products that we’re very excited about – stay tuned for more on our smart eyewear over the coming weeks

Last, and by no means least, we showcased a feast of new smartwear app and service partners; including iFit, Golfshot, Withings, IFTTT and Habbit Monster. Oh, and we also launched the open API, and web interface for Lifelog, so users can access their Lifelog data on their computers, tablets or TVs.  

Beyond mobile? Well, there’s almost too much to mention, so here’s a taster of our favourites.

Sony Bravia Image


Our friends in the BRAVIA team introduced the world to a breakthrough product, the X90C. Described as a “remarkable achievement” by Forbes, this Android-based 4K LCD Ultra-thin TV is a true feat of design and engineering. At just 4.9mm thick this 4K TV with an X1 processor X1 driven screen is as powerful as it is beautiful.

We love our High-Res audio here at Sony and CES proved to be another milestone in this technology’s journey, as our Sony Electronics division introduced the Walkman ZX1. Designed with the “ audiophiles in mind” this “slab of high-res audio loveliness” boasts an S-Master HX digital amplifier and 128GB of internal memory (plus a microSD card slot). It’ll be launching this Spring so keep an eye out!

Talking of futuristic audio, CES also saw newadditions to our Life Space UX project  -the Sony Symphonic Light range, an LED bulb encased in a futuristic module, with a speaker system.

Check out the gallery and video below to see more of Sony at CES, but until next time, have a great weekend.

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.