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At Sony we’re committed to delivering a sustainable future both for our business and for the environment and communities within which we operate. The Vive el Cambio recycling campaign is a part of that commitment. It’s a scheme based in South America designed to recycle electronic waste, recover potential valuable elements and reduce the amount of harmful materials that end up in Landfill.

Since starting in May 2014 we’ve been rewarding Sony users in 10 South American countries who hand in their old products – in return we’ll offer them discounts on Sony gear. The early signs are that it’s working so far, we’ve collected 1.2 tonnes of old Sony electronics for responsible recycling. This means that, for example, we have enabled the re-use of about 220 kg of copper in new products.

In addition to copper, many of our products contain other useful elements that have practical uses outside of the lifespan of a smartphone, (did you know our phones contain both gold and silver, for example?). It’s obviously important that those precious metals don’t go to waste – so we’ve been recycling them, giving us the possibility of repurposing them in the future into a bunch of sustainable new stuff for you all to enjoy.

“We’ve been excited and enthused by the response to Vive el Cambio; it’s great to see people’s enthusiasm and their interest in helping us create change.” – Melisa Biman, Customer Service Manager in SOMC Argentina

‘Vive el cambio’, or ‘live the change’ is a part of our broader sustainability programme, It embodies our commitment to making the biggest possible sustainable impact not only by how we reuse and recycle but also from the technology we produce. This particular project may be one of the more significant initiatives but it’s only the beginning in our journey to reach our overall environmental vision Road to Zero.

For more information into how to help our environmental initiatives take a look at our recycling pages or check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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