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Last May we introduced MESH, a prototype project from Sony Corporation’s Business Design and Innovation Laboratory – an open platform for the creation of “smart things”.

Since then, our MESH project is gaining momentum. Following a year of testing and trials and an Indiegogo crowdfunding project; aimed at raising final funds to move from prototype to product, the team is taking MESH on the road to raise even more awareness for the platform and share its potential for creative DIY tech.

We showcased a few cool new MESH use cases on our booth at CES last month, including an automatic watering machine and an audio-responsive robot. Following that, MESH featured at Hacker Dojo (a forum for all things innovation in the heart of California) – and next up we’ll be at SXSW… followed by an upcoming hackathon in Tokyo.

What is MESH? 


MESH, standing for Make, Experience, Share and part of Sony’s startup-style Seed Acceleration Program (an initiative of the New Business Creation Department, Sony Corporation) is a collection of hardware blocks with different functions. At this stage of development, current MESH blocks include an accelerometer (motion sensor), LED, GPIO (general purpose input /output) and button.

These functional “tags” are linked wirelessly and the connections are easily configured through a free visual editing app.

The end goal? Well, imagine having your plants watered automatically once a day, having an LED on your door that turns on every time rain is imminent, or even adding a voice to your favourite stuffed animal.

The possibilities for MESH are endless / exciting, and can potentially make a truly smart, connected home a thing of the present, not future… but we’re only just getting started – so stay tuned for all the latest as MESH develops!

MESH post image

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.