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We’re now three days into another fantastic MWC and the action on the booth has been non-stop. For an organisation like Sony, one of the best things about events like this is the exposure we get to the views and thoughts of so many customers in such short period. It allows us to get amazing feedback and understand the kinds of questions our customers want to know more about.

So… with that in mind we’ve collated some of the most common questions asked at the booth and gone straight to the experts to get the answers.

1. Obviously a lot of people have been asking about the Z-series-wide Android Lollipop update, its timings and rollout plans.

Jun Makino, Product Marketing Manager for the Xperia Z Series“The over-riding priority at the moment is to deliver a strong, stable update. We’re in the last stages of testing that, working with Google and operator partners and we’ll begin rolling out soon. Stay tuned to the blog and @SonyMobileNews for the latest info when that starts.”


2. What difference does the 2K screen make on Xperia Z4 Tablet compared to the Full HD resolution on Xperia Z2 Tablet?

Jun Makino – “The main difference is the upgrade in the resolution – making the screen much better at handling really high-res content. The brightness of the screen is another noticeable improvement, allowing you to get a really clear viewing experience in any environment, including bright outdoor sunlight. At the same time we’ve had to do all of this within the constraints of maintaining and improving a category-leading battery performance.”


3. What are the differences between Xperia Z3 and Xperia M4 Aqua?

Sharath Muddaiah, Product Marketing Manager for Xperia M4Aqua –Xperia M4 Aqua is a product that is designed to re-define what people can expect from a mid-range device so yes, at first glance the specs read like a premium tier smartphone. However, through a combination of some really smart engineering and a lot of customer research we’ve managed to bring the price point down to a mid-tier point, we call it the super mid range. At the same time we’ve preserved some of the premium experiences, such as the metal and glass casing, High-Res Audio, PlayStation Remote Play and top of the range camera specs, for the Z Series.”


4. Will Xperia Z4 Tablet ship with Microsoft Office Suite pre-installed?

Ashley Davies, Xperia in Business – “There aren’t currently any plans to do this –however the Microsoft Office Suite is available to download via the Google Play Store.

Xperia Z4 Tablet has been designed to enhance the portable office experience, and in conjunction with our new BKB50 Bluetooth Keyboard we feel we’ve created a perfect business companion, giving a true laptop experience.”


5. Security has been a big theme for discussion at this year’s conference – particularly re: Android and enterprise applications, what is Sony’s take on this?

Ashley Davies, Xperia in Business – “As we ramp up our enterprise offering around the new products, enterprise security has become a real focus for us. It’s partly linked to trends around BYOD but it is just as relevant for enterprise buyers who need to know that their sensitive information is safe and secure.

We work with both operators and partners to ensure we are compatible and compliant with enterprise requirements.  By keeping that constant communication we feel that businesses are able to confidently use Sony devices and the Android platform”