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You may remember back in August we sent award-winning WPO photographer Myriam Meloni to capture some of the scenes at Spain’s renowned food festival, La Tomatina.

Well, seeing as we’re at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Myriam’s adopted hometown since she moved from Italy, we thought we’d catch up with her again to see how she’s been getting on shooting with our Xperia Z3 Compact. She was nice enough to pop by our booth at the Fira Gran Via and share with us some of her favourite shots from her ‘Everyday Extraordinary’ project and what went in to capturing them…

Barcelona is a beautiful city; one of the things that make it unique is the sea, and it’s this relationship I wanted to explore with this project. .

I first went for an early morning stroll around Barcelona’s old fishing port to capture the day at its lightest. Thanks to the brightness of the lens on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and its aperture of F2.0, I was able to catch sharp and bright images before the sun had even risen.

Myriam Meloni

I like this shot as it captures the birds in flight – frozen thanks to a good combination of the shutter speed, aperture and ISO, all automatically synced by the Superior Auto Mode.

The Port was a great place to test one of the most attractive camera’s features: the macro scene. This function activates when you get really close to the object you want to shoot, allowing you to shoot photos that really explore the full spectrum of colours.

Myriam Meloni

After wandering through the Port, I went to visit the seafront: a group of teenagers were playing in front of the sea, with the sun shining behind them. It was a backlit scene, a very challenging moment to shoot. Despite that, I was able to capture the moment perfectly, thanks to Xperia Z3 Compact’s Backlight Mode. You can really see how the sunbeams and the silhouettes are highlighted here.

Myriam Meloni

After breakfast, I headed over to the Cathedral del mar and some of the older buildings in the city where I got to test out Xperia Z3 Compact’s camera in low light. Even though the shadows of the Cathedral were playing havoc with the light I was still able to capture extraordinary detail, like the faces of those nearby.

Myriam MeloniIn a bustling city like Barcelona the opportunity for a decent shot is everywhere, but sometimes you don’t have time to capture that perfect moment. Thanks to the sleep to snap and Sport Mode features of the phone I was able to capture these skaters whizzing around, illuminated by the afternoon sun.

Myriam Meloni

I was having a coffee with some friends later in the evening and I noticed an unusual reflection in my mug; it was gorgeous and to surprise my Xperia responded perfectly, allowing me to really capture the moment perfectly. 

Myriam Meloni

At sunset, when the lights start to dim, Xperia Z3 Compact really comes in to its own thanks to the ISO rating of 12,800. This shot of the balloons down the famous Rambla del Mar came out brilliantly. 

Myriam Meloni

I hope you can enjoy Barcelona the way I did, with the company of a phone that’s as attractive, elegant, dynamic, compact and capable of satisfying even the most demanding users (like me).

Thanks the World Photography Organisation and Sony Mobile for inviting me to be part of this project. 

Check out a full collection of Myriam’s photos below…