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    Xperia Z4 Tablet represents the culmination of years of work from the design team on creating light, strong structures – but what does that mean in real life terms?

    The weight of tablets in this category, it turns out, is a major factor in how people interact with them. Take, for example, the process of watching a film with the tablet on your lap or on a table. The lighter the tablet, the easier it is to hold it with just one hand – it’s just one example but it neatly demonstrates how, as we try to engineer products that fit ever-more seamlessly into people’s lives, weight will remain an important factor.

    Seriousness aside though, the key question about the weight of any tablet in this category is this: can I attach helium balloons to a Xperia Z4 Tablet and float it off over Barcelona right? Science tells us that, to lift a kilogram you’ll need roughly 36 cubic feet of helium, so we set off to the beautiful Fira Montjuic in Barcelona armed with a few balloons and a video camera to find out….

    (Disclaimer: we would assume it goes without saying, but just in case; helium-powered balloon flight is not covered by your warranty. Don’t try this at home folks. We’d also like to assure you all that no balloons were harmed during the making of this film.)

    Anthony Devenish

    PR Manager

    Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.