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Our newest campaign marks a transition for Sony Mobile, not just in the way we talk about our products but in outlining the way we think about the future. Campaigns like these are huge undertakings and, following the launch, we caught up with Louise Forbes, the Director of Product Marketing Creation here at Sony Mobile to find out how projects like these get put together, and what that means for our approach to the future.

1.       Tell us a bit more about the team behind the campaign and how it all came together?

I have a very dedicated and talented team both in campaign creation and product communications here at Sony Mobile who together with the Digital Business, Brand team and of course our markets have been instrumental in making everything happen.  In addition to my team internally, we partner with a small group of agencies working together to deliver our campaigns. adam&eveDDB our creative agency, Mediacom, our media agency, TMW our digital activation agency, Momentum our retail & instore experience agency, Punch our social agency and the Gild, our brand agency. Once we’d established our creative platform, our teams and agencies all worked together to bring our creative idea to life. In each and every execution, we showcase the power that each user holds to do what other phone users can’t.  The consistent piece of language that is echoed across all communications is ‘I can’, and this is because we are genuinely enabling our customers to do something extraordinary.

3.       What was the inspiration behind the creative idea?

In developing the creative work we took a step back to look at Sony’s historical roots and found the answer lay not in what we make, but why we make it. At the heart of the Sony Mobile business there is a simple and enduring truth: and that is “Kando” – we exist to move our consumers emotionally.  Our products help them to push past the obvious and reveal the inspiration that lies in the everyday world all around them.  The essence of Sony Mobile is that we make the everyday extraordinary.

4.       What were some of the more challenging aspects to the creative work that you had to consider?

Our new creative platform uses real Sony Mobile customers to show how our devices enable them to discover the extraordinary in the everyday. By telling the stories of real people, rather than actors or models, we can build a credibility and authenticity to our communications, but we knew this approach would take longer than a standard casting call. We also wanted to find people from diverse backgrounds with different stories tell and different perspectives of the world around them. While this approach was logistically more challenging, the results are more than worth the time taken to find them.

5.       How does the Everyday Extraordinary creative mark a change in direction from a communications perspective for Sony Mobile? 

Previously, our products have played a more prominent in all our communications, but in this campaign, we have chosen to put more of a focus on our customers and their experiences. And with good reason too, because our users truly are the most genuinely inspirational group of people. As of right now, there are more than 84 million people around the world who have actively chosen a Sony Mobile, and what they are doing with our products is extraordinary.

6.       What do you want consumers to take away from the campaign?

That Sony Mobile enables those with both the attitude and the power, to discover the

extraordinary in the everyday.


7.       Finally, how would you sum up this campaign in less than 140 characters

Because our products give you the tools and services to unlock your curiosity, Sony Mobile users can do what others can’t.

Silke Schild

Senior PR Manager

Tech loving Londoner, slightly CoD obsessed, aspiring globetrotter