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We’ll start this week’s roundup by making sure you’re all aware of the latest Xperia Lounge 3.0.5 app update.

The latest rollout brings a range of new features including a new category menu, allowing users to find experiences trailered to their own interests. In addition to categories, now all offers and competitions are available to be viewed in one place making a seamless experience for users and it’s now available for download on the Google Play Store.

It’s been a busy week over at Sony Pictures Entertainment and an exciting one for fans of renowned author Stephen King – as this week it was announced that his collection of novels ‘The Dark Tower’ is heading for a big screen adaptation in the form of a television and feature film series.

The eight instalments centre on a man who belongs to a knightly order of ‘gunslingers’ and takes place in an alternative world, one that is largely magical. So it’s fair to say it’s more fantasy than factual.

If that’s not exciting enough for all you movies buffs then you’re be pleased to also hear that in honour of the upcoming Earth Day later this month, Sony Pictures Entertainment is celebrating a decade of environmental innovation at their Screen Gems label.

Screen Gems sustainability efforts stretches from building semi-permanent set superstructures, to using only energy-efficient light bulbs and LEDs on set. Thanks to the use of LED lighting and Sony F65 digital motion picture camera that captures high-quality picture in low light, they could also avoid using set generators when shooting About Last Night (2014). To read more about Screen Gems sustainability efforts, watch their sizzle reel and check out the full article on Sustainable Brands.

From saving light to saving limbs now as this week Sony Computer Science Laboratories announced inspirational plans to produce a gold medal-winning prosthetic limbed athlete within the upcoming tournament.

A team of Sony’s robotic engineers led by Ken Endo, are aspiring to help a Japanese athlete using a blade-type prosthetic made of carbon fibre, as they compete in the marquee event of the games – the 100-meter sprint.

Endo is working alongside three top Japanese athletes and a strong resource of advanced robotics to make his dream become a reality. But the encouraging plans don’t end there, with Endo’s sights set on another mission: a plan to make affordable robotic limbs for non-athletes set to be on sale from 2018, so watch this space!

By now you are more than familiar with the ‘Never Before Seen’ series of short films captured by our friends over at Action Cam in collaboration with a range of influential filmmakers, animators and artists.

Well, this week they’re back with ‘The Cook,’ a musical adaptation that brings Chef Deuki Hong’s kitchen to life. Have a look for yourself and see how extraordinary stories are concealed within our everyday lives.

Before we leave you for the weekend, we’d like to introduce you to Sony’s newest photography ambassador, Rambo the octopus*. Rambo, or the ‘Octographer’ (obviously) as his keepers call him, resides in Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland and has been proving that anyone can try their hand, or tentacle, at photography.

Rambo’s been taught how to photograph visitors who visit her tank using a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 camera placed in a special tentacle friendly rig.  See the footage below.

That’s it from us, have a great weekend!

*DISCLAIMER: Rambo is not an official Sony photography ambassador. She is just an octopus


Silke Schild

Senior PR Manager

Tech loving Londoner, slightly CoD obsessed, aspiring globetrotter