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Pollinate Energy Logo SquareA large proportion of India’s population live without access to modern technologies that most of us, particularly in the tech industry, take for granted. They have little to no access to electricity, clean cooking fuels, or clean drinking water. They are forced to rely on seemingly ancient fuels, such as kerosene for light and open wood fires for cooking. These fuels not only damage the environment, but are a huge hazard to their health – particularly that of women and young children, who spend most of their time in the small tent-home that families typically live in.

However, that is set to change. Launched in 2012, Pollinate Energy is a social business working to improve the lives of India’s urban poor. Through a network of local entrepreneurs – known as Pollinators, Pollinate Energy is able to put life-changing, sustainable products into the hands of those people that need them most. For the Pollinators going into urban slums, smart phones are an integral part of their daily business operations.

The Pollinators are currently working in around 800 urban slum communities across two cities in India – Bangalore and Hyderabad. Pollinators use smartphones for everything from locating the communities, capturing baseline survey data to understand the needs of people living in the communities, entering customer and sales information, and providing after-sale servicing. So, much more than just taking selfies.

SoWoman_phoneny Mobile joined forces with Pollinate Energy for their recently launched operations in Hyderabad after recognizing a shared belief in sustainability and using technology to make a difference to people’s lives. We want to help Pollinate Energy grow so they can help more and more people living in the urban slums to live healthier and more sustainable lives. So far the pollinators, each kitted out with an XperiaTM M, have mapped and surveyed around 500 communities across the city. The XperiaTM smartphones have created a big boost among Pollinators and are acting as reliable work companions, helping the team make a difference when on the move.

To find out more about Pollinate Energy, please visit