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We’re always keen to talk about some of the more interesting projects we’ve got going on around the world that support local communities. Two decades ago Situation Sthlm started to produce a regional paper that was sold by homeless people in Stockholm, Sweden. The paper was designed to offer homeless people an opportunity to earn their own money and make a living. In recent years the team at Situation Sthlm noticed that the cash-only sales of the paper was hindering its distribution figures as increasingly fewer Swedish customers carry spare change in the digital age.

situation sthlm 2 embedTheir solution was to reach out to iZettle, a mobile payment company, and Telia, a Swedish mobile operator, to see if they could help come up with a solution to encourage more people to support their on-the-ground sales team. Inspired by the idea of the project, Sony Mobile joined the team and offered Xperia smartphones for the pilot of the first credit card payments of Situation Sthlm.

In October 2014, the pilot proved a success, making it easier for the hard working but disadvantaged sales team to sell their copies of Situation Sthlm. The results: sales increased by up to 59%! Starting as a test with just a few magazine sellers, the pilot has resulted in a big operation with close to 100 vendors that accept credit card payments.

Sven Grundberg, Head of Public Relations at iZettle, had this to say of the partnership;

“The Situation Sthlm credit card pilot wouldn’t have been possible without the quality smartphones and reliable Internet connectivity that Sony Mobile and Telia provided. Sony Mobile’s Xperia devices are durable, have a long lasting battery, bright screens (which is perfect for outdoors use) and are waterproof, all of which are great features that benefit the team when they’re on the ground selling magazines”

For more information about Situation Sthlm and its activities check out the video below and some of the following links;