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It’s been a huge week for sporting fans as the anticipated UEFA Champions League final was broadcast live from the world-famous Olympiastadion in Berlin in stunning ultra-high definition, with production using Sony’s new HDC-4300 4K/HD live production camera.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 16.24.34The broadcast represents the second occasion that European club football’s most prestigious match has been produced in 4K, following the success of the 2014 UEFA Champions League final in Lisbon. It certainly didn’t disappoint with the live action distributed to over 200 countries, offering 380 million viewers worldwide the opportunity to watch as FC Barcelona were crowned the European champions for the fifth time in crystal clear, high definition.

It’s not just football fans who have experienced immersive sporting coverage this week as Sony were also busy capturing footage across two days play at this year’s French Open, following replay-only demos at 2013 and 2014’s events.

The event also marked the first time that Sony filmed using live video technology with HDR (High Dynamic Range), meaning footage showcased a vivid range of colours and details that were before lost – making viewer experience a closer match to what the human eye actually sees.

Xperia Z3 also made a a starring role in Snoop Dogg’s latest music video for his new single California Roll.

The video follows Snoop Dogg – along with featured artists Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams – as they take viewers on a journey to what the future of California will look like, including flying yellow convertibles and of course none other than Xperia Z3.

To see what the future holds, check out the video below…

Action Cam introduced their latest 4K addition, FDR-X1000V this week in a 3 minute short film entitled ‘Sticky Notes’.

Inspired by Eepy Bird’s film, “Extreme Sticky Note Experiments”, the latest device was sent on a vibrant journey via a miniature train, where it captures a world made from 200,000 colourful sticky notes.

Check out the video below, where you can watch in stunning 4K detail as the device travels through green forests, wild rivers and beautiful rainbows.

Want to capture your own exhilarating footage or photos this weekend? Be sure to check out our newly released Xperia AR (Augmented Reality) camera apps; Paper, Smiley, Jungle, Dragon & Unity-chan Wony-Buster.

The new apps are the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming summer break, meaning you and your loved ones can record memories with photos and movies whilst adding a variety of entertaining effects including puppet animation, fire breathing & jungle scenery.

That’s it from us, enjoy your weekend!