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Nepal right now is a country of stark contrast. Breathtakingly beautiful and blessed with diverse cultures and landscapes, it is also facing a grave crisis. The recent earthquakes hit the country with such force that they not only moved Mount Everest, but have created a humanitarian crisis that will continue affecting Nepal and its people for years to come.

US-born photographer and Sony Global Imaging Ambassador Brian Sokol began his career as a Himalayan guide in Nepal and has since come to call Kathmandu his adopted home. So, when planning a theme enabling people to donate to charities supporting victims of the quakes, we asked him to provide the imagery.

Support Nepal Xperia ThemeThe new theme uses a series of images taken by Brian to remind people of the natural beauty of Nepal and the fortitude of its people. The theme also contains information on how you can contribute to organizations helping Nepalis to reconstruct their country as quickly as possible.

For this special theme, Sony Mobile has teamed up with Oxfam Sweden. Oxfam is working actively in Nepal, currently distributing rice seeds to farmers before the monsoon season starts. If small scale farmers cannot plant before the monsoon they risk missing the next harvest, potentially leaving them dependent on aid. Oxfam is committed to responding to the Nepal disaster for the next three years. To support Oxfam Sweden, please click here.

There are hundreds of global charities and NGOs at work in Nepal today. However, during his post-quake work throughout the country it became aparrent to Brian just how important and effective grass-roots aid has been. Home grown organisations like Yellow House, led by Nyantara Gurung Kakashpati out of her family’s bed-and-breakfast and the Kirtipur Earthquake Relief Fund Program coordinated by Gyanu Raja Maharjan, a researcher at Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur, are playing a huge role in the campaign. To find out more about their efforts, check out the links above or head over to the project website.

Xperia owners can download the theme here or to find out more information about the project check out the website here, and to find out more about Brian and his work, visit his site.