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On 13-14 June, thousands of Xperia fans around the world captured their adventures and experiences over 48 amazing hours for our latest competition. See some of their incredible Instagram shots in this video:

Congratulations to merihariantisasi from Jakarta; our overall winner who impressed our panel of judges, including guest judge Melanie Philippe from the World Photography Organisation, with this illuminating shot of a gorgeous Indonesian sunset. As well as an Xperia Z3 smartphone, Meri has won a trip to Niagara Falls – lucky the Z3 is waterproof!


47 other Xperia fans also bagged themselves a shiny new Xperia smartphone thanks to their stunning shots – well done to our winners, below, and thank you to everyone who took part: we had a wonderful 48 hours, and hope you did too.

Congratulations to our 48 competition winners:

Aldionez, Jakarta

Danni_Lym, Bogota

annie_tikhomirova, St Petersburg

aziz.alyahya, Riyadh

betterbrunet, Berlin

bong.fallurin, Manilla

chrsgrgry7, Manchester

cramosmartinez, Santiago

csikosdavid, Budapest

debdeb57690, Montreal

dertuncay, Athens

ene_mene_bene, Munich

frankelwerff, Amsterdam

fruquo, Istanbul

hol_lywood, Kiev

jefcanton, Madrid

joshua941216, Kuala Lumpur

juan_castillo95, London

kemring, Oslo

komar_gda, Gdansk

kristupha, Toronto

lucoctober, Warsaw

marciorizzon, Sao Paulo

megzagem, Sydney

mobigrafie, Paris

mrdax79, Edinburgh

myinstagramni, Dublin

nandroid89, Buenos Aires

negeduisend, Moscow

nettyaco, Dubai

sajinvincent, New Delhi

samson0910, Hong Kong

sebanex, Zurich

serenalefox, Copenhagen

shankarvincent, Bangalore

shyyea, Taipei

silencis_mf, Barcelona

slonska, Vienna

snufkinz, Singapore

sunny.bala, Mumbai

svensken84, Stockholm

tiagozz3, Lisbon

vancouver_living, Vancouver

vanessahartikainen, Helsinki

veliksnonethingman, New York, Mexico City

zaasurtie, Cape Town