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You may have noticed some changes recently to PlayMemories Online on your Xperia phone or tablet. “Group Collections” is a new feature which allows users to share photos exclusively in a members-only group. We caught up with Anna Iramina from the PMO team to find out a bit more about the cloud-based photo and video service and its recent updates. 

1. Can you give us an overview of what makes PlayMemories Online a unique service?PMO2

What makes PlayMemories Online unique is that it gives you unlimited photo storage. This can be done by turning on all sync, so if you’re ever afraid of losing your photos, it’s the perfect app for you.

We’ve also now incorporated a very unique feature called “Group Collection” which allows users to create exclusive member-only albums and share each other’s photos and videos with ease and privacy.

PMO is also an app that brings your old memories alive – the ‘Rediscover Memories’ function provides users with surprise slideshows containing photos from years before – perfect if you want to relive any moments.

2. How does PlayMemories Online tie into the wider Sony ecosystem?

By uploading photos or videos to PlayMemories Online, users can access their own photos and videos from multiple devices (such as their BRAVIA TV, PS4, PC, tablet, and many more) in a very neat and easy to browse user interface. Also, when you take a 4K video or 4K or higher quality photos with your Xperia, you can enjoy this content with the best experience by viewing from a 4K BRAVIA TV.

3. Alongside its unlimited storage for compressed images, PMO let’s users store 5GB of full-sized images. Why was it so important to have an option to not compress files?

Since the camera quality of our smartphones are so amazing, it means users pretty much take photographs of everything from within their daily lives – especially events such as birthday parties or trips with friends. This means that so many memories are saved on your phone altogether.

We not only wanted users to have an option to back up photos to the cloud but also to save those amazing quality photos in original size. What’s the point in having an incredible camera on Xperia phones if you have to compress the images and can’t store them at all?

4. What other updates have you got in the pipeline? 

That’s a secret! Although I can’t share too much with you now I promise we’re bringing something exciting your way soon. Be sure to keep updated at

You can download PlayMemories Online from the Google Play Store

Silke Schild

Senior PR Manager

Tech loving Londoner, slightly CoD obsessed, aspiring globetrotter