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It’s easy to forget how powerful a smartphone is as you quickly slip it into your pocket or when you’re holding it easily in one hand. That changes when you see your smartphone blown up full screen on the big TV in your living room. MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) allows you to connect your Xperia Z3+ phones to high-definition televisions and audio receivers.

MHL comes as standard on your device but people often don’t realise how much this little bit of functionality can do, so we’ve put together some tips on how you can use MHL to make the most of your Z3+ device.

Share your photos

Xperia phones are known for their exceptional camera quality and many users pride themselves on the photographs they take. But when you’re wanting to show off your snaps to your friends it isn’t always easy asking everyone to crowd around. MHL means you can share photos that you have taken on your handheld, with your friends and family on the TV – that means they won’t be able to escape your holiday pictures! Sony’s Album app also makes it easy to view the photos you’ve taken most recently, browse your folders and look at them according to location.



Watch your favorite movies

Using MHL, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows on the big screen, straight from your Sony Xperia Z3+. It’s like your very own home entertainment system and you can even use the TV’s remote control to stop, rewind, pause and play. 



Get your game onsony_vignettes_game

If you are more of a gamer, then there’s good news for you too. MHL means you can play mobile games on the big screen, while the TV or monitor provides power to the Sony Xperia Z3+ for extended game play. You can use your Xperia with a controller for gaming on a big screen and still retain the high quality display of your smartphone.




Impress your clients

If games aren’t for you, and work is your primary concern when using your Sony Xperia Z3, MHL can also help you. It transforms your Xperia Z3 into a workstation – all you have to do is connect it to a TV or a monitor and pair a wireless keyboard and mouse. You can write emails, browse the Web and create presentations anytime. You can also connect your phone to a projector to show your presentation to a client, an easy way to make a big impact.


You can find out everything you need to know about MHL and how to use it with your Z3+ here.

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.