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The idea of making your very own app seems pretty daunting, right? Something that would take months, if not years of planning and creating. But thanks to Triber, our app of the month, it’s easier than ever before. In just 30 seconds (yes that’s right) you can create your very own social media app.

Triber lets you choose your app’s name, pick an icon, add content and then link your account to all of your favourite social networks.

When you’re ready, click go and a link will be shared with your community. Triber also means you can connect directly with all your favourite artists and celebrities.

There are also all sorts of surprising ways you can use Triber. From sharing your own apps with just a few friends to creating apps for associations, around specific sports or even an app for your pet cat , Triber has seen it all!Triber Logo

Wanting to find out a little more about Triber, we caught up with founder François Carlot, to see what he had to say.

Can you describe Triber in 140 characters?
Triber is an app that lets influencers create and manage their OWN MOBILE APP. Instantly. We offer them the best way to connect with their tribe. 

What advantages are there in creating an app for the Android ecosystem?
Android is a great ecosystem and we enjoyed developing our technology in this environment. Although the challenge with Android is greater diversity in terms of hardware and software, ultimately we saw this as an opportunity to tailor the app to a variety of users.

How have you seen people monetise the apps they create?
We have introduced native ads inserted in the combined feed, as well as intermittent banners in the chat wall. With the right targeting, we are able to generate interesting RPMs.

Something like app creation has a reputation for being pretty complicated, what did you consider when designing the UX forTriber?
We made a radical choice of focusing on a few features, and (trying to) do them perfectly from the UX standpoint. First priorities were to combine all social content (FB, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud) and deliver this in a combined feed. We also wanted to let users engage with the posts (like, share, comment) – with the need to synchronise seamlessly with the social networks. Finally, we wanted to offer a way for users to communicate between them and with the influencers. This presented a number of challenges but we’ve managed to reach an effective balance with our Chat Wall where tens of thousands of messages and pictures are shared every single day.

Where do you see Triber going in the future?
Taking inspiration from the success of Multi Channel Networks in the YouTube World, our goal is to build the first App Network, enabling thousands of influencers to engage with their tribe in a rich way.

To download Triber visit Google Play Store. You can also keep up to date with Sony Mobile by following us on Twitter.

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.