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As we now get even closer to the highly anticipated release of SPECTRE we’re all getting a little James Bond crazy, he is our favourite secret agent after all…

You may remember last month when we introduced our latest Made for Bond campaign – a short film following Moneypenny (played by Naomie Harris) as she fought off mysterious villains in a tense chase across London’s South Bank using a range of state of the art tool, including an advanced compact RX100 IV Cyber-shot camera (check it out below).

This week welcomed the launch event for Sony’s technology ‘Made for Bond’ including the RX100 IV – where Naomie Harris along with a host of celebrity guests joined forces to celebrate the campaign’s release & go behind the camera testing out Sony’s new technologies including the newly release Xperia Z5.

We also delved deeper into life behind the lens this week – exploring the life of a Sony Sound Artist.

We met with Robin Harlan & Sarah Monat, two of Sony’s dedicated Foley artists. You may not have heard of them before, but you’ve definitely listened to their work – whether you’re aware of it or not!

Based at Sony Pictures studios in Culver City, California they explained via the Sony Community the complex yet entertaining procedure of re-introducing sounds back into each movie scene – a process defiantly worth the read!

PS4 fans were able to rejoice as our friends over at PlayStation announced the launch of its official PS4 remote controller.

Aimed at making viewing experiences easier for those using their consoles for watching movies & entertainment, the new device will make PS4’s entertainment channels available via remote for the first time.

Triber LogoThe remote (which works via Bluetooth) can also be set up to control up to three additional devices, including your TV, cable box and audio receiver – making it the perfect accessory for any couch potato.

Before we leave you to enjoy the weekend, be sure to check out the latest instalment of our App of the Month series, Triber
the perfect app for those who want to make a social app quickly (it can sort you out in just 30 seconds!).

That’s it from us.

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.