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With the announcement of our stunning new pink Xperia Z5, we talked to designer Rikke Gertsen Constein about the inspiration behind the new colour and design in the world of technology.

Obviously, the first question is ‘Why Pink?’

Looking at the entire colour palette, the shade of light dusky pink seemed to create the perfect composition of colours across the range. Adding pink to the Z5 series completes the palette in a nice contemporary way.

In some spaces Pink is associated with being saccharine or feminine but in the past it has also been used to represent stamina and power, what was your personal inspiration for the new Xperia Z5 colour?

The light dusky pink is simply beautiful. We wanted to find a pink that fits perfectly into your life without being intrusive. This pink works well across multiple design languages; fashion, graphic design and to a great extent in interior design. It is a colour that will fit wherever you are.

Z5 Pink lifestyle1


Do you have any processes you go through when choosing a new colour? (Is it user polling, brand identity, etc?)

It is not as simple as just adding a colour to the product. The material of the phone and the design of the curves and edges also has a great impact on which colour is best suited.

We knew we wanted to add pink to the Z series from our first moodboards and sketches. But to get the tone right with the frosted glass and aluminium frame did take some time. We researched many places in which the most beautiful shades of pink can be found, from nature and Japan’s own Sakura cherry blossom right through to the colours in the sky during a beautiful sunset.

We wanted the colour to appear strong and modern. And here the material is playing an important role. It feels fresh, contemporary and modern in these materials.

How do you juggle the balance between user preference and your own inspiration?
Colour is very personal and individual. As a designer you need to trust your own instinct and antenna for what the future brings and what the future preference will be. The consumer might not know yet what they want one year from now.

BlossomPink was one of the main trends in this year’s London Fashion Week, do you think fashion trends like this affect the world of tech and product design?

I am very interested in fashion trends and the plethora of personal choices these trends give you. With fashion, you can wear a different style or colour to express yourself every day if you choose, however with your smartphone you keep the same style and colour for much longer. So when choosing the colours we have to consider that a smartphone is something you carry with you every day and will not simply change as freely as you change your clothes. This is why it was so important for us to find a colour that would easily fit in with your every day life and allow you to express your personality.

Keep checking with your local providers to find out when Xperia Z5 Pink will be available in your area. Let us know what you think of the new colour in the comments section or on Twitter.

Claire Millington

PR Manager

PR Manager for the Sony Mobile Global team.