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More and more smartphone users are looking to keep their devices for longer, even passing them down to family members (or, more often than not, up to older family members). There’s a myth that modern technology isn’t built to last, but at Sony we work hard to design smartphones that work intuitively, for longer. We wanted to let you know about a few features in our new Xperia X series that make this possible, while also giving you some tips on how you can best maintain your Xperia device inside and out.

Battery lifespan

Poor battery life is one of the largest pain points for smartphone users and one of the biggest reasons people stop using their devices. With each generation of Xperia devices, we aim to improve our battery life offering. Xperia X comes with a new intelligent technology that not only gives faster charging, but also prolongs the effective battery lifespan up to two times.

By applying intelligence to the charging process, using Qnovo’s adaptive charging algorithms in our software, we’ve reduced physical energy cell degradation, providing a resilient device, more enduring charge and a greener product.

You can also reduce the need for regular charging by intelligently managing your battery usage with the latest version of Sony’s STAMINA mode.

STAMINAGoogle’s “Doze” automatically regulates power consumption when your smartphone has been idle for a prolonged period, by reducing data traffic. However, you can whitelist apps of your choice to stay active,
simply by tapping “Battery Optimization” and selecting – this will ensure you continue to receive crucial notifications.

When you are desperately in need of saving battery, “STAMINA mode” is there to offer extra help. Once it’s switched on, power-hungry features including, but not limited to: GPS, vibration, image enhancement, rendering performance and background data traffic are intelligently turned-off or limited, to reduce battery consumption (your whitelisted apps remain active, whilst others remain restricted).

This means you can carry the phone with you, or even wake it up to check the time and key notifications, without activating energy hungry features unnecessarily.

Tip 1: Activate STAMINA mode when you’re looking to extend your battery life by going to Settings > Battery > STAMINA mode. You can then customise and set the battery level % for automatic activation, leaving you less to worry about.  


Two things that slow phones down over time are unused applications running in the background occupying RAM and clutter on your phone taking up ROM. Not so with Xperia X! To boost the performance even further, we have engineered a brand new technology that smartly maintains and optimizes the RAM and ROM memories.Xperia X Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner automatically shuts down infrequently used applications that are still running in the background and occupying the RAM. It also provides free memory in the ROM, by continuously cleaning unnecessary or temporary cache data.

Thereby, your Xperia is always ready for more challenges, while it still operates flawlessly and smoothly. Additionally, Smart Cleaner can help free-up more space by finding-&-uninstalling infrequently used apps

Tip 2: Smart Cleaner is enabled by default – turn off by going to Settings> Storage & Memory > Smart Cleaner


Design is ever changing and certain styles in tech may be popular one day, but can quickly seem out-dated. The designers behind Xperia X drive the concept of ‘Unified design’, that is, something that is so integrated and meaningful to your life that you don’t even see it as technology.Flip Cover Xperia X Table Top Lime Gold

The Xperia X series is designed as an embodiment of this concept. Our designers were inspired by the total harmony between design, technology and people (and their way of life). This is where the inspiration came from for the ‘perfect fit’, not only the perfect size and fit for your hand but also the perfect phone to fit seamlessly into your life. Its design that’s fit to last.

Tip 3: There are a number of ways you can keep your phone looking its best, and even a little bit of effort can make a big difference to how you feel about your device. Using electronics-specific antibacterial cleaning wipes or even just distilled water on a microfiber cloth can keep it looking as good as new. The trick is to avoid any particularly harsh cleaners or cloths that could scratch – and also never pour anything directly onto your phone.


Claire Millington

PR Manager

PR Manager for the Sony Mobile Global team.