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But there’s no need to worry, Ghostbusters are on hand.

Now you’ve probably already heard, but the new Ghostbusters movie is just around the corner. As a special celebration treat, Sony Pictures is giving fans the opportunity to experience life as a Ghostbuster for themselves – with the opportunity to strap on a proton pack and hunt ghosts in a virtual reality experience.

The Ghostbusters: Dimension VR experience is a multiplayer game which transports users into the world of the film, where they have to use proton packs and ghost traps to capture a “paranormal villain” hiding in a New York apartment complex. Ghostbusters_logo.svg

The exciting VR attraction will open on 1st July in Times Square at Madame Tussauds, New York. We would certainly love to try it out. Let us know if you’re lucky enough to go.

From one supernatural experience to another, this week PlayStation® announced, Star Trek Online will be launching on PS4® this autumn. After growing for the past 6 years on PC, the game decided to explore a new frontier.

PlayStation will deliver out of the world Star Trek experiences to players, with additional upgrades to make the transition a smooth and natural experience.  If you’ve never heard of Star Trek online, (where have you been?) it’s a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Star Trek franchise and players have the opportunity to create their very own captain and explore the galaxy as they play.

It includes over 130 episodesstarring some of the Star Trek series cast members , including Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, Tim Russ and more.

In other Sony news, Robbie Williams has signed with Sony Music for his next album. The superstar looks set to top the charts as he reunites with collaborator Guy Chambers, who helped him along the way with the likes of Rock DJ, Let Me Entertain You and Angels.

Whilst there isn’t a current release date or title for the album, one thing is for sure – we can’t wait!

Finally, back at SXSW in March, Sony announced the launch of the Future Lab Program for Developers, which was an exciting piece of news for both developers and consumers alike. The Future Lab is a place where Sony shares concepts and prototypes in development at Sony R&D giving users opportunities to co-create future lifestyle technologies. Now, in a brand new update, developers everywhere were given a preview of the SDK for Concept “N” at Wearable World Congress (WWC) that took part in Santa Clara, CA – and they can now register to be a part of Future Lab Program on Developer World. futurelab_940_use

But what exactly does that mean? Well, the Program allows people outside of Sony to try experimental products before anyone else and give feedback on their experience. A way for developers to get access to concept prototypes will also be introduced as part of the Future Lab Program.

Whilst you’ve missed your chance to stop by the WWC stand, you can still sign up on the Future Lab Program for Developers registration site for access to SDKs, product news, invites to developer events, and more. If you’re looking to get more information about “N” simply head to the concept “N” site.

Unfortunately that’s all we have time for right now. See you soon!

Anthony Devenish

PR Manager

Wearables, software and digital PR geek. Northerner (trying not to be a hipster) in London.