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These days we document our entire lives, from breakfast to an afternoon walk; amateur photography has become a common hobby – and the smartphone user wants to produce clear, crisp photographs.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging is designed to produce lifelike photos and videos – even in low-light or strong back-light situations, so you can consistently achieve the best shots. HDR features across the Xperia portfolio, for both photos and videos, to ensure you always capture a moment in the most realistic and genuine manner.

What does HDR mean?

Dynamic range is the difference between the lightest light shade in an image to the darkest dark shade. Light areas in an image have a tendency to become washed out. Dark areas can appear darker than they would to the naked eye if HDR is not used. HDR allows images shot with less than ideal light conditions such as indoors or at twilight, to look more vivid. The human eye can engage with a wide range of exposures. In comparison cameras can often focus on either the dark or light area of a photo. When HDR is used, it creates realistic photos and videos that can draw you back to the exact moment captured. It offers the advantages of balancing the effect of light, revealing lost details and producing a life-like image.


 How does it work?

Xperia smartphone cameras take several images at different exposures and layer them to create one perfect HDR image. The aim is to create a photograph that has a similar detail to what is seen by the naked eye. Xperia smartphones also have the capability for HDR video. In our Z series, the technique is similar and involves shooting multiple videos at the same time. These are then layered to produce a video with optimally-balanced contrast.

Even if your subject is, for example, standing in front of a bright window, you can be sure that the video or image on your Xperia smartphone will have accurate contrast. Previously, this was a manual process. Several photos at different exposure levels were combined in image editing software. The software was used to ‘stitch’ them together. Thanks to the unique Sony technology in Xperia smartphones, this process is done for you.

 How it works with Xperia X

A whole host of technology accompanies HDR on Xperia X to give users the best all round camera experience. The 23-megapixel camera is built with an award-winning G Lens and incorporates Sony’s Bionz image processing. Xperia X features a sharp 5″ Full HD 1080p screen to perfectly showcase your shots.

While HDR mode is designed mainly for taking still shots in difficult lighting; if you want to shoot a moving subject, Xperia X’s new Predictive Hybrid Autofocus takes motion photography to the next level. This tracks and predicts an object’s movement before it happens to prevent blur.

The dedicated camera button on Xperia devices coupled with fast autofocus and the ability to go from standby to capture in 0.6 seconds, means you can be sure that you will never miss out on taking the perfect shot of that special moment.



Claire Millington

PR Manager

PR Manager for the Sony Mobile Global team.