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It’s the fourth and final installment of our interviews with the creatives involved in the #MissNothing campaign. French photographer VuTheara Kham contributed some incredible photos to the project and so we spent some time getting to know her, her work and her involvement in the campaign.

Who are you, where have you been and where are you going?

My name is VuThéara. I’m a French professional photographer. Thanks to my work, I’ve travelled around the world and had the chance to capture the beauty of each different location. Currently I’m in Italy, going to different places to capture the beauty of the country. Where I’m going next? Who knows 😉

Can you talk about your involvement in the #missnothing campaign?

Firstly I’m a Sony fan so my involvement in the #missnothing campaign was totally natural for me. Photography represents a big part of my life. Everyday we see different events that fit perfectly with the #missnothing idea; it could simply be a street soccer player or even a singer enjoying every moment during a concert…#missnothing occasions are everywhere.

VuTheara 2

Did Xperia X enable you to capture certain scenes or shots, that you previously weren’t able to with a smartphone?

I can sometimes get really frustrated when I don’t manage to take a good picture using a smartphone. However, the most distinctive functionality of the Xperia X is the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus which allows a user to follow the action without losing the main subject. I was surprised because it’s easy to use and the quality is very good!

Describe what the #missnothing / #liveeverything mantra means to you in 140 characters or less?

#missnothing represents a unique moment in your daily life. A once In your life time occasion to take a great photo.

VuTheara 1

You can see all of VuTheara’s work on her Instagram. If you’re an aspiring creative working with an Xperia device, we’d love you to share your work to @sonymobilenews.