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Another Friday has come around and we can’t wait for the weekend! But before you dash off, have a look at what’s been going on in the world of Sony and Android this week – it’s been hectic.

If you’re an animal lover then you’re definitely in for a treat, as this week Xperia went wild for animal photography. It was announced that Sony Mobile had partnered with European Conservation Parks in Kent, UK, and in Cantabria, Spain, to showcase the Xperia X’s new camera functions and we must admit it was a success!

Following a masterclass with Neil Aldridge, a renowned Wildlife Photographer,animal keepers and park rangers were challenged to take photos of animals in motion to highlight just how great Xperia X’s camera capabilities are. From friendly giraffes, to elephant close ups and selfie taking bears, the photographs really capture funny expressions and quirky behaviours of the animals. It’s hard to choose a favourite.Bear 2

Francesca Conti said: “It was an amazing experience to have a masterclass by Neil. As I work closely with the primates in the park, you can imagine I see some really interesting moments, that I will never miss capturing again!”

In case you haven’t already checked them out, you can see all the snaps here.

Elsewhere in the world of Sony, this week a new limited edition Crystal Dual Shock controller for the PS4 ™went on sale, and it’s gorgeous! It’s still the basic PS4 controller but you can now get it in the Crystal, Steel Black, Gold or Silver design, so the options are endless. Watch this trailer to find out more.

Next up, you’ve probably seen the ongoing #MissNothing campaign that has been all over social media.  We challenged four fantastic influencers to get hands on with their Xperia X smartphones and see what fantastic moments they could capture.VuTheara 1

Our first influencer was Chris Courtenay, the professional MBX’er from Brisbane, Australia, who made the most of the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus feature to capture ridiculously fast sporting movements. Philippa Stanton, an Artist in Residence for Shakespeare’s Globe in London, was next up and used the Xperia X “to capture a sense of action in her creative moments, as well as gentle movements in nature which always inspire her”.  Thirdly, Paco De Los Monteros took to the Xperia stage. Paco, who considers himself a creative perfectionist, dedicated two weekends to this campaign as it meant “brainstorming creative concepts, using different materials, poses and movements.” And last, but not least, VuThéara Kham, a French professional photographer, got involved. She told us that “#MissNothing represents a unique moment in your daily life. A once in your lifetime occasion to take a great photo.” VuTheara 3

This was a truly awesome campaign and we would like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic influencers. Make sure you check out their work.

And finally, we had some very exciting news yesterday! We’re ecstatic to announce that the Xperia X Performance has achieved the highest score in the DxO Mark Mobile ranking.

DxO Labs awarded Xperia X Performance an overall score of 88 points, highlighting the camera’s fast and accurate autofocus in both bright and low light as well as good target exposure and dynamic range. Alongside the camera, DxO also acknowledged the quality of the stabilisation, noise reduction and autofocus in Xperia X Performance’s video capture.

If you want to find out more then head to our blog.


Now that you’re up-to-date with all the Sony news from this week, head out the door and enjoy your weekend! See you next Friday!

Claire Millington

PR Manager

PR Manager for the Sony Mobile Global team.