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Surely not? Has it really been a year since the last MWC?!

Well yes, and as everyone’s favourite Western European mobile industry conference gears up for another round, we thought we’d put a little info out there for those heading to Barcelona for the first time.

To help us compile these insider tips we reached out to a few industry veterans. Hard-working journalists, PRs and Sony staff who gave us their (anonymous) tips to help you get the most out of MWC because really, it is awesome, and if you’re lucky enough to attend you’ll want to make the most of it.


Stay sharp

“Don’t walk down La Rambla with your MWC badge on show and a laptop shaped bag”. This one speaks for itself. Barcelona is a beautiful city set on a beach, what’s not to love? However, like any city, there could be some troublemakers looking to part you from your prized tech.  Don’t give them the chance.

ID is key

Remember your passport. “Every year I see people being turned away from the show because they have their lanyard but not their photo ID. Bring both otherwise it’s a long trek back to your hotel.” The GSMA has useful podcasts and video guides to help make sure you don’t get caught out.

Feeling hungry? Go gold

It’s easy to spend a lot of time in a queue and come away with some pretty sorry-looking food. “You’re best getting a taxi into town, having lunch, and then coming back” said one source. However, there is good grub to be had at the show, you just need to know where to look…

“There is a brilliant food centre for gold­ pass members and the press that opens for about three hours every day” reveals one anonymous tipster. “It’s between two of the halls on the ground floor. It’s an international festival of free food, and the WiFi in there is about the best at the whole show.” High praise indeed.

Make friends and influence very important people

With the right contacts, some attendees can find themselves in a VIP area rumoured to operate among the upper floors: “It’s much, much calmer than the rest of the show, the food tends to be great.” Intrigued, we pressed on how a few humble bloggers could get into this area but our source was less forthcoming telling us simply “getting in isn’t easy…”

Pack the running shoes

Yes really. Long days and nights can take their toll. Barcelona is a great city and exercise is an easy way to explore it and prep yourself for a busy day ahead.

“The simplest way to get your fix is to head to the beach and enjoy the warmer air along the wide and open promenade – accessible from most parts of the city and if you fancy a great view (and a small hill challenge) at the end, head up to Place de L’Armarda in South Barcelona.”

Our super-fit insider continues “if you want the really great views, go up Mount Tibidabo and enjoy the Carreter de les Aigues, which is an amazing (and flat!) track that traverses the mountain. You can even get the funicular car up the mountain so you don’t even need to do any climbing, brilliant at sunrise.”

Useful phrases

MWC is a truly international affair and politeness will get you most places, perhaps even the VIP area. However, a few handy Spanish phrases won’t go amiss.

¿Puedo pedir prestado un cargador?                  Can I borrow a charger?

…Y un adaptador europeo por favor                   …and a European adaptor please

Ayudo a llegar tarde a la conferencia                  Help I am late for the conference!

¡no! La otra conferencia                                      No! The other conference

Cuál es la contraseña wifi                                   What is the WiFi password?

Es que todas las minúsculas                              Is that all lower case?