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Xperia Ear – the in-ear assistant from our Smart Products team – will get even smarter as of today thanks to a host of improvements delivered as part of a fresh software update.

Voice notifications – Previously Xperia Ear could handle alerts for SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Email, Gmail, Twitter, Calendar and News Suite. With the new software Xperia Ear will now be able to read alerts and provide notifications for *any* app of your choosing

Email Filter – A new filter function means that users can set rules to dictate which emails will be read out via voice notification, based on sender or subject

Updated head gestures – Users can now accept and decline calls with a nod or shake of the head, cancel notification read out with another head shake, and even shake their head left/right to skip music tracks forward/back

This is all in addition to the capability Xperia Ear can already deliver including a heads-up on your schedule, offering directions, informing you of the weather and plenty more.

Xperia Ear is available at the Xperia Store Online here.