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Xperia Touch is cool. This box of tricks turns any surface into a 23” touchscreen and judging by the lines on the booth at MWC and SXSW we’re not alone in thinking this. It’s unique, innovative, and turning a kitchen counter into a piano, sketch pad or game is fun and makes us excited in the way that only really smart new tech can.

The idea with Xperia Touch is that it becomes an interface for the whole family. Traditional tablet or smartphone products are mostly solo experiences, but with Xperia Touch its more about a shared screen. Positioned in a living room or kitchen the whole family can gather round, watch films, Skype friends, play games, and more.

However, anyone with a young family will know that kids can be the toughest critics. That’s why we downloaded a few apps, took an Xperia Touch to a typical family home, and got the verdict from the toughest reviewer in the tech world, a seven year old girl called Stevie.

Name: Stevie      Age: 7 ½      Likes: Her dog Paddie, football     Dislikes: Homework, peas

Real Piano


This simple piano app got us off to a good start. Stevie seemed pretty impressed she could now turn her formally unremarkable kitchen floor into a working musical instrument.

Or should that be ‘instruments’, the app allows you to flick between a range of different sounds all of which got the thumbs up from our pitch-perfect tester.


Ahead of our afternoon mucking about with Xperia Touch we emailed Stevie’s parents to find out what kind of apps and games she likes; ‘Roblox’ was the response.

For those of you without kids, Roblox is a sort of Lego-meets-Minecraft and describes itself as “the world’s largest social platform for play.” We found it utterly confusing, however Stevie absolutely loved exploring the world on the big screen, even if we did only understand every eighth word she said.



Minecraft’s blocky world looked great on the Xperia Touch, but Stevie had her reservations: “Because you can’t pick it up it’s a bit harder to control”. It’s a fair point; although Xperia Touch can run any Android app or game, its unique interface means those that rely on analogue controls or gyroscopic sensing may prove tricky. The device is at its best with simple touch-based games a whole group can get involved with (up next). Despite these initial reservations our pint-sized pea-dodger soon got the hang of it and we were off exploring, mining, and crafting with ease.

Fruit Ninja

“Slicing stuff is fun.”

Who can argue with that? Xperia Touch came into its own here, with multi-touch capabilities meaning that Stevie, us, and our photographer could all get involved in the fruit-chopping action at once. Chaos yes, but hugely fun.


Of all the apps we played with this got the #1 spot and the good news is that Sketch comes pre-loaded on Xperia Touch. Suddenly Stevie could scrawl all over her bedroom floor and not get in trouble. We soon discovered you can insert pictures of yourself into the Sketch app and doodle to your heart’s content. When Stevie started drawing rainbows all over her own projected face we thought we’d all probably had enough Xperia Touch for one day.


Take a look at Xperia Touch here.

Thanks to Stevie and her parents (and Paddie) for being awesome.

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