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Does reviewing your Instagram feed sometimes make you feel like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day? Feel like you’ve seen the same shot of the Colosseum or Christ The Redeemer more than a few times?

You’re not mistaken. New research out from Sony Mobile today proves that when it comes to the world’s most photographed landmarks, more than half are shot from just a few angles.

85% of photos taken of Machu Picchu are from the same places, creating nearly half a million identical images on Instagram, and half the shots of Big Ben are taken from the same three spots.

If originality is your goal, help is at hand. Award-winning travel photographer Lluís Salvadó has given us his top tips on how to take great travel photography:

Play around with colours and brightness, it’s amazing how different one scene can look with some clever camera tricks

If you’re struggling to get an original shot play around with reflective surfaces, a famous landmark can be transformed by a little water

Look for beauty in the architecture around you, not just the landmark as a whole. There can be a very artistic quality to structural things

Try out a new perspective and get some shots from high above or below the subject, don’t be scared to experiment with compositions

Use people and their silhouettes to give a shot a sense of place and time, and play around with forced perspective too

As well as great perspective, every great photographer needs a great camera and fortunately the Xperia XZ is more than up to the job. The 23MP rear camera boasts triple image sensing technology to ensure your snaps are blur-free colours remain true-to-life.

Discover more about the Xperia New Perspectives research by checking out the full press release and find out more about the range of photography that is possible with Xperia here.