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XZ Premium is packed with cutting-edge technologies including a 4K HDR screen for unprecedented video playback quality. Earlier in the year the BRAVIA team talked us through what 4K HDR actually means, and we revealed that for the first time ever on a smartphone, XZ Premium users will be able to enjoy 4K HDR content from Amazon Prime Video. So now 4K HDR technology and content is available on XZ Premium what does this mean for the future of entertainment?

We went to the top of Amazon Video to find out and chatted all things future with BA Winston, the Global Head of Digital Video Playback and Delivery:


Let’s start in the present before we get to the future, why is it important for Prime Video to offer 4K HDR streaming?

Amazon Video continuously strives to provide the best experience for our customers on their devices, and 4K HDR delivers an exceptionally clear and colourful picture.

What improvements does 4K HDR make to the viewing experience?

When we consider 4K, it creates a better resolution, more bits and therefore more detail. When we look at HDR, it is not

about resolution, but about the colour depth, contrast and brightness with the content to deliver a picture quality that closely matches the real world content and the creator’s intent.

Optimus. No longer our favourite Prime.

Which titles do you focus on for 4K?

Our initial focus for 4K has been on our Amazon Originals content, most of which are currently produced in 4K HDR. We will continue to look for opportunities to expand our 4K selection from other content providers: we currently have more 4K titles from Sony Studios than any other third party content provider.

So moving onto the future, do you think that mobile could become the dominant platform for entertainment? 

Customers consume content on different platforms, and we believe that there is a place for these different platforms including Smart TVs, Fire TV and smartphones. Customers viewing patterns also vary across different countries, and for different types of content. We want to offer awesome content to our customers on all these platforms.

What do you think the next breakthrough in entertainment streaming will be?

We’re heading towards a future where high-resolution content will be ubiquitously available for on-the-go streaming. We’ve been focused on growing our catalogue of high resolution content on Prime Video, across all devices, including mobile. In the future customers will consume more and more content on mobile, and in different ways, including live and on-demand.

What’s next for the future of mobile entertainment?

Devices are becoming more powerful, networks becoming faster and incremental improvements are continuously being made to high-quality file formats – so you will see content services evolving to serve this capability.  At Amazon we are working to bring compelling content to our customers, wherever they are.


Discover more about XZ Premium here. Download Amazon Prime Video from Google Play.

Amazon’s BA Winston