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E3 is an enormous video game expo packed with AAA games and consoles. Call of Duty, Uncharted, Mario, they’re all here and just waiting to be played. Step off the beaten path however, and E3 also covers mobile gaming in all its forms. We were in town to check out the newly announced PlayLink but also headed out into the expo to see if we could get the inside track on the latest time-killers to keep you entertained on the way into work.



You know the feeling. You’re sat on the train minding your own business when suddenly your carriage is ravaged by dinosaurs and you find yourself lost in a dangerous prehistoric world. That’s the premise of Durango, an upcoming MMO from Tokyo-based Nexon games. Graphically impressive, the aim is to survive in this strange new land through a combination of cooperation with other tribes and – yes – taming dinosaurs. Out later in 2017 we think this could be well worth checking out when it lands on Google Play. in the meantime, here’s the E3 trailer.

Little Lords of Twilight

Not far from Nexon games in E3’s mobile and social pavilion were the team from Bkom Studios and their title Little Lords of Twilight. The Google Play Store isn’t short of PvP strategy games but LLOT sets itself apart through a clear focus on heroes. Claiming victory is simply a case of killing your opponent’s hero or occupying their gate for a round.  Also notable is a day-to-night cycle that, far from being purely stylistic, offers players new abilities that can dramatically affect how the game plays out.

Holding out for a hero: Little Lords of Twilight

Tales Craft

Currently only available in Korea, Tales Craft caught our attention mostly via its massive booth that was on a par with some of the major console publishers present at E3. A real time strategy game, Tales Craft takes the Star Craft model, slaps a fantasy theme on things, and invites players to battle for glory. BR Games – the team behind Tales Craft – clearly have ambition and plan to tap into the growing eSports world with Tales TV allowing fans to watch players battle it out. Don’t be surprised if you spot this over someone’s shoulder next time you’re heading into work.

Tales Craft – the world’s first mobile RTS game



Exhausted from isometric views we were heartened to stumble across something completely different in E3’s IndieCade space. PolitiTruth gives the ‘player’ a real news story and asks them to swipe left if they think a story is true and right if it is false. “It’s like Tinder for fake news” developer Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis told us. We quizzed Jarvis on whether he had brought his own political leanings to the project and the answer was a definite ‘no’; the app has been produced in collaboration with Politifact, a Pulitizer prize-winning US fact-checking outfit so is as as independent as such things can be. PolitiTruth might not have the action and adventure of other titles, but is an interesting reminder of the power of games to do more than just entertain.

PolitiTruth?! You can’t handle the PolitiTruth!!