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First launched in 2014, London Tech Week attracts over 40,000 attendees from nearly 80 countries across the world to take part in Europe’s largest festival of tech.

The festival’s programme of over 200 events looks to celebrate technology by inspiring creativity and fostering collaboration. From drone racing at the iconic Alexandra Palace to a concert by the world’s most legendary film composer Hans Zimmer (Inception and Interstellar), we really had no excuse to miss it.

That’s all well and good, but we were here on an app safari, hunting out the next big things to hit the Google Play Store and make all our lives that little bit easier.

Amongst the hackathons, panel discussions, exhibitions and demos lay “Project Kairos” a hotbed of activity connecting startups with industry and investment to empower the next disruptors in tech. From the money saving and practical to just plain fun, here’s our pick of the top three smartphone apps from inside Project Kairos:


Favorey – TechXLR8 Award Winner, Best Consumer App

Favorey is a network for things you need, from people you can trust. The app allows users to obtain a direct introduction to providers that their family or friends have used and recommended. Users can request services, receive offers, negotiate terms and transfer funds – all within the Favorey app. The app’s mission is to harness the power of social to create new communities that help each other. Hard to argue with that.


Engie’s taken a look under the bonnet. It’s not good news…

Engie connects to your car and offers an extensive repair and maintenance solution from car diagnostics and fuel/petrol consumption, to real time quotes from nearby mechanics. Engie connects to the car via a small Bluetooth device (which you buy through the app) and plugs into the diagnostic port under the car dashboard. After a connection is established, the system provides real time car information. More informed drivers equal safer cars, certainly an idea we can get behind until the driverless revolution takes hold.


Constantly putting things off or giving up in things halfway through? Cuckuu is for you. This free ‘social alarm app’ allows usersto share their alarms and task reminders with friends and strangers in order to receive inspiration to complete tasks.

Cuckuu can be used as a standard alarm clock, with private reminders and alarms that only the user can view. These alarms (called ‘Cuckuus’) can also be shared with friends or the public – encouraging friends and strangers to join small conversations, based on particular interests. Users can search for alarms they’d like to join, and receive ‘Tick-Tocks’ (aka points) for each completed Cuckuu they participate in.

A rare photo of a Cuckuu app icon being born

For more information on London Tech Week 2017 check out the website or watch the daily roundup videos via YouTube. For the full list of TechXLR8 Award winners click here.