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Type ‘apps for cats’ into Google Play Store and you’ll be served up dozens of potential choices to keep your feline friend entertained. However, the downside here is that you need to be willing to let a cat put its paws all over your prized tech, and claw marks on a shiny new tablet are not a good look.

Could Xperia Touch solve the situation? This portable projector turns any surface into an HD touch screen, so the only thing getting paw prints is your living room/ kitchen floor. Sounds good to us.

We wanted to see which of these apps are worth hitting the download button on so, naturally,  recruited a cat to help put them to the test. Introducing… Magic.

Name: Magic / Age: 3 / Likes: Drinking out of a glass, birds, sleeping / Dislikes: Dogs


Cat Alone

Cat Alone is designed to keep your cat entertained while they are, you guessed it, alone. Fire up the app and you can choose from six different things to appear on screen for your cat’s chasing pleasure. A green laser pointer garnered huge initial enthusiasm as Magic leapt across the room to get her paws on the virtual light beam. A butterfly proved most entertaining as Magic ‘caught’ one and then proceeded to hold onto its projected wings for several minutes. The ladybird option was greeted with the indifference that only the domestic cat can ever truly convey.

Magic tries out the ‘Xpurria’ Touch

Cat Fishing

Developed by cat food firm Purina, Cat Fishing projects a virtual pond onto your living room floor, across which increasing numbers of fish periodically swim. Magic seemed captivated, and spied the projected pool like a panther waiting to strike. Whereas in Cat Alone the various ‘things to catch’ are reactive, in Cat Fishing the entire ‘pool’ responds with ripples and sound effects. Plus the app has various levels so when one fish has been caught the cat moves onto level two with more fish etc. Our only criticism? It’s a bit short.

Cat Toys

Another variant on chasing things around a screen. The mouse in this one does make quite a satisfying ‘squeak’ when caught but aside from this, not much to recommend it over the previous two.

Real Piano

Seeking some variety we loaded up the piano app we installed back when we got seven-year-old tech fan Stevie to test out Xperia Touch. After all, everyone knows cats can play keyboard, right?

Wrong. Despite crafting something resembling a tune as he walked across it, Magic was certainly far from captivated by the ability to produce music by pawing at a virtual keyboard. Next!

Fruit Ninja

Weary from chasing virtual fish/ mice/ lasers, Magic went for a nap under the sofa leaving us and our photographer to play Fruit Ninja. Cats may or may not like this app we cannot confirm.

Learn more about Xperia Touch here.



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