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The sun is shining, tent sales are through the roof, and the streets are filled with the dull hum of people discussing which headliners they are most excited about seeing. Truly, festival season is upon us. While gallivanting in a muddy field is a lot of fun, it isn’t without its issues. So, here at Sony Mobile we’ve had a little look into how to use your phone to help you get through your festival weekend without a hitch.


Festival Buddy

A favourite among the seasoned festival-goer, Festival Buddy is a nifty app that uses GPS tracking to mark important locations on any festival site. It can pinpoint the exact location of you tent, car, the Main Stage and even that amazing burger van you went to that one time, guiding you seamlessly through the crowd to where you need to be.

Find My Friends

Don’t want to see the same band as your friends, but worried you might not find them again? Find My Friends is here to help. The app lets you track your friend’s exact movements around the festival site, giving you directions to their whereabouts and allowing you to contact them using an in-built instant messenger.

Dark Sky

Hyper-local weather app gives you down to the minute weather updates right to the exact spot you are standing, making sure you’re prepared for any sudden down pour that comes your way. Never again will you forget to pack that waterproof jacket.


We all know that when we are having fun in the heat, it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated. The WaterIn app helps you to track your daily H2O intake, taking into account temperature around you to let you know if you need to grab a quick refreshment before heading to watch the next act.


It’s not just apps, Xperia smartphones also offer a few in-phone features that will come in handy. The first is Stamina Mode, a feature to help preserve your battery life. To turn it on, head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Battery’ > and hit ‘Stamina Mode’. Here you will be offered two options; ‘Auto start 15%’ or ‘Always on’, for the purposes of a festival, we’d recommend always-on so you’re still able to take snaps right up to the moment you head home.

Festivals are great but the reality is that losing your phone can happen. As such backing up your device before heading to the event is always a good idea to make sure that everything important on your device is kept safe. To do this, we’d suggest moving photos and videos to Google Drive, which comes preloaded on all Xperia devices. Here you can upload all your content to the cloud, making sure it stays safe should you lose track of your phone.


Taken any great festival snaps on an Xperia device? Tweet them to us @SonyMobileNews and we’ll share the best.