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Xperia Ear – the intelligent in-ear assistant from our Smart Products team – is about to get even smarter thanks to a new multi-person chat feature called Anytime Talk. From today, the brand new addition will be delivered as part of a free beta update.

With Anytime Talk you can instantly connect to a network of friends or colleagues who also have Xperia Ear. Anytime Talk allows you to quickly reach up to up to five other Xperia Ear users (including yourself) simultaneously with a press of a button, or record and send pre-recorded voice stamps with a nod or shake of your head during the conversation. Load up your group in the host app and you’re good to go.

Anytime Talk has a raft of useful applications. Imagine a group of friends out cycling, Anytime Talk could allow them all to communicate without taking their eyes off the trail or hands off the handlebars. Anytime Talk could also connect businesses that need to operate across different rooms or locations. For example front of house staff in a restaurant can check in with the kitchen discreetly without abandoning service to diners.

Watch for the notification to download the beta today.