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A new university/college term is nearly here. For freshers embarking on the journey for the first time, we’ve rounded up a few of the best Android smartphone apps for students to help get the most out of campus life.

First off, Xperia users should definitely download Xperia Lounge. It’s packed with music, movies, sports, competitions, and plenty of stuff to keep you entertained without affecting your bank balance. Talking of which…



Being broke is all part of the university experience but your trusty smartphone can help make meagre funds go just a little further. First off – get a good budgeting app. Wallet works across multiple currencies, will sync with your account, and offers reports to help stay on track.

Also, consider getting a whole new bank account. Berlin-based N26 was Europe’s first mobile only bank and, like Atom (who we interviewed last year), it comes packed with tools to help you save, as well as spend your money.

If you want to save cash, loyalty cards can be a smart move but a two-inch thick wallet crammed with various pieces of branded plastic is never a good look. Download Mobile Pocket to store them all digitally and never find yourself rummaging for a discount again.


At some point, you’ve got feed yourself. Download Yummly which is not only packed with recipes, it also comes with a shopping list function. Their YouTube channel teaches basic cooking techniques so there really is no excuse.

Of course, sometimes studying will have to come before cooking, and a slew of companies are just waiting to bring you dinner via your smartphone. Foodora, TakeEatEasy, Deliveroo and UberEats are on hand to dispatch whatever you want to eat in an alarming number of cities worldwide.


We’ll rush through this one…

Planning time is a key study skill and iStudiez Pro has been helped students in over 30 countries organise their schedule. It’s paid (£2.59) but well worth it. Easybib and CiteMe auto-generate citations from a simple barcode scan. Evernote will help stay on top of, and organise, lecture and revision notes. Scribd ‘gives you access to everything worth reading’ and is full of academic reference materials.


WhatsApp is essential for group-chat to organise a night out and Citymapper will show you which Bus/Metro route is best to get there. Of course, if you’re feeling flash, cab apps like Uber or Taxify can get you where you’re going (and home safe again).

If you’re the kind of person who gets a little text/Tweet happy on a night out, Drunk Text Blocker could be useful. DISCLAIMER: Getting drunk is not smart and you should always drink responsibly and study instead.


Need an affordable smartphone that doesn’t compromise? Take a look at Xperia L1.