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The rise and rise of Fintech means that smartphones, not wallets or purses, are increasingly the place where we manage our money. Last year we met Atom, the app-based bank. Now, it seems credit cards are next in line for an overhaul. To get the lowdown we spoke to Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve.

Tell us about Curve
Curve is here to help you get smarter with money. Curve lets you spend from all your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and reward cards through one smart Curve card, connected to an even smarter mobile app.

Download the app, load up your bank cards, set your default card and away you go. And thanks to some magic under the hood, it has more than a few tricks up its sleeve – from tracking all your money in one place, to cutting out hidden fees abroad and taking the famously boring job of ‘doing business expenses’ off your hands.

Who is it for?
Right now, it’s for business owners, directors and freelancers. Getting out there and building a business is hard enough, without all the added financial complexity of managing personal and business spending. That’s before you start thinking about business travel costs, expenses for you and your staff, accounting processes and managing cashflow.

What’s wrong with banking right now?
The rise of smartphones has changed the role of technology in our lives, and our expectations with it. Now, a smartphone is so much more than just a phone. It’s your connection to the world around you – from work and keeping in touch, to entertainment and documenting your life in HD. Almost every aspect of your life is now simpler, safer and always at your fingertips.

What makes Curve different to the likes of Atom and Monzo?
We don’t believe the future of money is a better bank. Banking isn’t broken but we do believe the experience around banking is broken. Most people don’t need another bank account, or want to even think about switching to another bank. They just want a way to put everything in one place, make the most of their money, and ideally make it more secure.

That’s why we’re not trying to be a bank. Curve works with old banks, new banks and everything in between.

We heard you’ve mastered Time Travel…tell us about that
The rumours are true. Curve is now the first and only banking card that is time travel-equipped: you can now change the debit or credit card you pay with up to two weeks after buying something – with just a swipe in the app.

Never worry about making a personal purchase on your business card again – nor the hassle that comes with it. Instantly fix it in the Curve app, with just a swipe. Struggling to manage cashflow for your business? Effortlessly switch payments between debit and credit cards in the app, to make things easier.

What’s the coolest thing about being your own bank manager?
Knowing what’s really happening with my money, every time I use my card – no hidden fees, no surprises. That, and having peace of mind from knowing that if I lose the card, I can lock it with one tap in the app.

What challenges have you faced?
It’s a complex industry that’s tightly regulated, and for good reason – dealing with people’s money is serious business. So building something new and disruptive in that kind of industry will always have its challenges.

Most importantly, nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks: “I can’t wait to manage my money today.” It’s a boring part of life most people don’t even want to think about – so we have to win people’s attention, show them we understand that, and demonstrate how a Curve card will take away all that hassle and admin from their life.

Finally, can we borrow a tenner?
I’ll go one better. Have a Curve card on us, and get £5 every time you refer a friend. You can order a card or join the waitlist today here.