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Xperia Touch launched back in June and since then we’ve spent plenty of time listening to feedback on the software and overall user experience. As such we’re excited to announce a raft of updates that will land as part of the Android 7.1 firmware upgrade, rolling out from today over-the-air.

Gesture control – When projecting Xperia Touch onto a vertical wall (while watching Netflix for example), you’ll now be able to control the interface using physical gestures, so you don’t need to stand up and touch to select something. Just raise your hand and Xperia Touch will understand you’re about to use Gesture control. From there you can manipulate the interface; navigate menus, control video or music – all via simple swipes and finger “clicks”. You can even toggle mute on / off by holding your finger to your lips (shhhh…).

Projection settings – Projecting onto a surface that isn’t perfectly flat? The new Keystone setting can help deal with any potential distortion. In addition to the auto-focus, we’ve also added a new manual Focus setting to keep your projections sharp and clear.

Presence sensor – Used to work in wall mode, now works in table mode as well. Xperia Touch will wake automatically when you approach, without having to push the power button.

Audio – Xperia Touch now supports the ALAC file format (in addition to FLAC), and our ClearAudio+ feature for auto-optimisation of sound settings.

Portrait mode – You’ll now have the ability to choose left or right orientation for Android apps that display in portrait mode.

Check out Xperia Touch on the eStore.

*Software rollouts are a phased process – timing and availability will vary by market and/or operator. Most models supported but some operator/market exceptions will apply