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Stranger Things season two has finally launched on Netflix, and here at Sony we couldn’t be more pumped to find out what happens next to Eleven and the gang. However, our excitement goes a little deeper, as not only do we know it’s a top programme, but it’s also available in jaw-dropping HDR quality. Here’s a roundup of other amazing shows Netflix offers in HDR, happy watching! (N.B. No spoilers, we promise)

Stranger Things

Following the disappearance of neighbourhood boy, Will, and the appearance of a psychokinetic girl called Eleven, the town of Hawkins begins to notice strange goings on, which all seem to link back to the nearby United States Energy Department. The science fiction-horror series produced by the Duffer Brothers, has won an avalanche of awards since launch, so if you haven’t watched it yet you’re probably living under a rock. The long-anticipated second series was released on 27th October of this year, and consists of 9 nail-biting episodes. 

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table follows the lives of world-renowned international chefs giving unique insight into their culinary inspiration. Diving deep into the kitchen, the series features legends such as Francis Melman, Massimo Bottura and Dan Barber among others across three series. One word of advice, don’t watch it when you’re hungry.

Girl Boss

Loosely based on the success story of fashion brand, Nasty Girl, Girl Boss is the story of Sophia Amoruso going from rags to riches as she starts her own fashion house. Sophia is a misfit who can barely hold down a job, so decides to create an online e-Bay shop, buying and selling beautiful vintage clothing. The series combines friendship, love and the quirks and catastrophes of young Sophia’s life. It’s an addictive watch with a kick-ass soundtrack.

The OA

The OA is about a young woman who resurfaces after going missing for many years. Previously blind, she reappears with her sight back, and refuses to tell the FBI and her parents where she has been, instead confiding in a small group of high school students to whom she reveals her story. She asks for their help in her quest to help the other children who suffered the same fate, claiming a portal into an alternate world is the only way to rescue them…