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Since we picked up our XZ1 at IFA last year, we haven’t been able to stop playing games on it. The super-speedy Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 keeps games running smoothly while Sony display and audio tech keep games looking and sounding great.

Now with a trip to MWC in Barcelona coming up, this feels like the perfect time to load some new games onto our devices for the flight.

Way back in October, when we heard Google announce their second annual Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe, we were excited. The shortlist of twenty finalists has been chosen ahead of the main event on 13th February; these amazing games vary in cost and genre but are all worth checking out.

So, before some know it all tells you they’ve discovered the new “Flappy Bird”, we’ve written a round up (in no particular order) of six of our favourites to give you the inside scoop.

Old Man’s Journey

Through the eyes of the “Old Man” you explore life’s complexities and live through his heartache, regret, and hope. In this visually distinctive game, you solve puzzles to create the Old Man’s path forward. This is the sort of game that will have people straining over your shoulder to take a look, it’s bold and colourful with a hand drawn graphic style which makes the scenic transitions so worth the effort. Old Man’s Journey has won a few awards already…

“Old Man’s Journey is one of the most beautiful and unique games we’ve ever seen.” Touch Arcade

No More Buttons

Turns out, there were more buttons – just not where you’d expect… No More Buttons is a platform game with hand-drawn graphics where buttons make up part of the environment – they’re part of the furniture. You can move them around, rotate and even stand on them. Don’t understand what we mean? Check the trailer here.

“A quirky platformer with one BIG twist.” Android Central

The Big Journey

There are quite a few puzzle games on Google’s shortlist, but where’s something for the tilt-controlled game fans? Don’t worry, your patience has been rewarded. The Big Journey follows Mr Whiskers, a happy go lucky, well fed cat who sets out across an obstacle filled landscape to find his missing friend Mr Cho. It’s got it all, including an original soundtrack featuring Ukranian folk musicians, the Choconauts.

“It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you play it, and there’s something really wonderful about that.” Pocket Gamer

The House of Da Vinci

Liked ‘The Room’? Like 3D mechanical puzzles? Like the feeling of self satisfaction which only comes from solving a riddle? Then you’re in luck. The House of Da Vinci is a beautiful, engaging, 3D puzzle adventure game with an authentic Rennaisance feel. Where’s Da Vinci you ask? It’s your job to find out.

“Atmospheric, highly polished puzzler.” Droid Gamers

The Office Quest

The Office Quest is a very modern point and click adventure game, a prison break adventure for cubicle dwellers. Via puzzles and riddles you must break the shackles of your employment and escape into the wider world. Beautifully drawn, it brings whole new meaning to ‘Boss Battles’.

“The Office Quest is certainly one of the more impressive and polished adventure games on the app store” Android Apps

I Love Hue

For word play and tranquility lovers alike. I Love Hue is as low octane as you can get. The premise revolves around reordering mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Commuting has never been so relaxing.

“The most soothing smartphone game I’ve ever played.” Business Insider

So there you have it. 6 games to get your teeth into. Want to meet the developers? Well, good news games fans, if you can get yourself to the Saatchi Gallery in London for 13th February, you can still snag a ticket here.