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We’re here at SXSW and we all know it wouldn’t be the same without some of your favourite Xperia technology on display.

There’s plenty happening, but here are the Xperia highlights:

3D Creator

We don’t need to tell you about 3D Creator, you’ve heard it all before, you’ve got a 3D scan of half the contents of your home, from your fruit bowl to flowers – but there’s a little something extra for 3D creators at SXSW – an Xperia XZ1 wielded by a robotic arm to create a complete 3D model of your head. Your scan will then allow you to star in a brand new game.

AI and Robotics:

Can you have a Sony tech showcase without everyone’s favourite robot dog? Don’t worry, aibo is on hand for petting and fetch, but we’re really flexing our AI muscles at SXSW this year with Xperia Hello! and also providing more details on the Sony Innovation Fund. 

Interactive message board, with Xperia Touch:

From AI to AR, the interactive Xperia Touch entrance message board really feels like the future, with Sony’s unique sensing technology, it recognizes touch and motions– think of the screens from Minority Report, but fun. At SXSW, you can get a taste of what this tech is capable of, by leaving a message or doodle as you enter or leave the WOW Studio – we’ve had close to 1000 each day!

So there you have it, if you’re fortunate to be at SXSW this week, drop by and join in, aibo is expecting you.